Saturday, February 28, 2009

Updates From Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka

Yes, I am a Malacca boy, had my primary & secondary education here before I further my studies in Rahman College, Kuala Lumpur.

Looking back, how Malacca had changed. Since my parents are residing in Malacca, I make it a point to come back as often as I can to be with them. This weekend is my second trip back this month and it's always a pleasure to stay away from the hustle & bustle of city life to rejuvenate myself in my hometown.

Woke up at half past 9 this morning, mom prepared home-cooked food. I then sent my car for major repair (burning my pocket again) before following my younger brother & his wife to Dataran Pahlawan (the latest mall in Melaka). While they went off for movie, I decided to stuck my fat ass in Big Apple Donuts & Coffee, surfing, facebooking & blogging.

Thanks for messages, comments & calls after the previous post. Blogging & writing are the best medium to express myself.I just felt the age 30 felt like a crossroad, at times you miss your school mates, at times you will miss you college mates and for single like me, on particular time I miss the girls I am involved with. One of my ex MSNed and encouraged me to pursue the girl I mentioned in my previous post once again.

At this point of time, I still feel the time is not right yet. I had better learn to love myself more before I learn to love others.

Happy weekend and I am taking this opportunity to wish one of my favorite girl a very happy birthday & may all your wishes come true. Happy birthday Nikki! Muacks!!!

And just a teaser, I am getting a new tattoo soon! :)

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Ahmike said...

Hey Mike, which part of Mlk you're staying?

mine is mlk baru