Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Help Me Choose My Wedding Ring

Thousand apologies for my MIA for the past one week or so. I had been busy with...
  1. My work: I had just secured a really huge project. Really huge for the time of recession, I am talking about RM10 million sales so a super close follow up needed and it occupies most of my time now.
  2. My online activities: I will also soon be writing & moderating a blog site soon, will announce when it commences.
  3. My iPod Touch: Just been recently adding this to my big boy toys list, been using up my free time after work to do housekeeping on the MP3s, photos & applications in this gadget
  4. Last but not least - MY WEDDING
A short post though, with so little time to spare, I need assistance from the readers of my blog to help me choose my wedding ring. So here it goes...

a) Tiffany & Co.

b) Bvlgari

c) Piaget

and finally

d) Cartier

All also so nice, which one to choose ar?


Guccimamasan said...

WHOAAAA... i would suggest anything that can choke a horse....haha. hmmm.. if cant find horse... bring any aunties that you hate... wear the ring and flash it in front of them and see if they faint or not.. if they faint then that will be your ring...Cheers... hope this help

cindy said...

I think Tiffany & Co is the best of among all....Wish u all the best ya

Esther said...

the tiffany & co looks nice.. it's got at least 6 "things" holding on to the stone compared to the cartier. the cartier has only 4 which doesn't look so nice to me...and it's a little weird in the picture how the stone is fixed to the ring. maybe it looks nicer in real life than in the picture... the piaget to me, is sometihng unique. it doesn't follow the typical wedding ring of one stone in the middle that sorta thing. i hv no comments bout the bvlgari.. it looks a little man-ly to me. so, i'd say go for the tiffany & co (55%) or the piaget (45%) good luck!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...