Monday, August 03, 2009

So Here's The Updates

My blog has been in a very sorry state of late. It had been ignored for a bit and finally I have found time for it at least for now. Yes, resigned... DONE... so many would ask why you still serious about your job? I would like to let go totally but it would be nightmare for my clients, it is just not me to just to leave it to someone who totally has no idea what or how to manage the corporate clients.

For my clients who had been following my blog, rest assured, I will be at my best to service you all until my last day of employment. I will be serving my notice until early September. To be frank, I have not accept any offer put on the table. It does not mean I am being arrogant or ignorant about the whole economical situation. To me, the next move I would have make will be critical for my life, so therefore I am seeking a bigger role, bigger responsibility and of course a bigger pay.

Not too bad after all, I had 2 offers and now I believe your experiences sell. And your name sells as well. One from an automobile company and another is pharmaceutical company. Got a call today from Singapore for a role in a European MNC and another in Thailand (this is my choice perhaps).

And I just need to be a bit more patient with my current situation while serving my notice as I had come to encountering Tai Chi Masters internally. I believe in karma though and I guess I had made the best choice and decision in my almost a decade of employment. Time to move on and with offers pouring in, I believe I can excel and put my strength to bigger test in life.

So, health is also another reason I quit my current job. Friends & family knowing me, I spent quite a substantial amount of time in my work. Blood pressures and BMI numbers not being good to me, it's time to do something for myself. Something money can't buy, and that's my health. So, there will be badminton every Thursday now for me. Mountain biking on the weekend. And perhaps pick up my golfing real soon.

And travelling!!!! Yeap, back from back to back Indonesia & Thailand trips. I might be heading either Thailand or Hong Kong in September or October if there aren't any offer that can catch my attention. Before any readers having wrong assumptions of me heading to Thailand so often, well I am seeking for opportunities there, it is a country I would call it home if possible given the cost of living and the people in consideration. Some real sorry stories here had influenced my opinion of my born country. Teoh Beng Hock's case, ISA, etc... it just goes on and on...

And well... who knows I am in the road of finding my soul partner. I just felt all good things will follow suit soon. Just that this good feeling and I trust my feeling.

To my family and best buddies who had been concerned about my future, I am more worried than you all, with all the commitments I am having now. As a human, always aim higher and never stay in your comfort zone, that's me! That's Michael Song!

Signing off for now... shall be back with full strength ;)

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