Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chinese New Year 2007

This CNY nothing special to me, except for the long holidays that gave me the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate myself. Unlike those other years, where I will travel to my ex-gf's hometown in Kampar, this year I got nothing particular to look forward to. That is why I only update it now.

I was back in Malacca on the eve of CNY to have the normal family dinner. It had been a while since we family last had such a dinner. Good to see my sister who's back from Shanghai and my other 2 brothers. Since the breakup, mom & I in a way got much closer. Never in my life I had an open heart to heart talk to mom, I think mom felt a change in me. And I cried together with mom when I shared my best memories with her. Thanks MOM, I appreciate your understanding. Mom was cool, whenever my relatives shot me a question "Where's your GF?", Mom will answered on my behalf, always. Mom protected me a lot this year. None of my relatives knew what happened yet.

After the dinner, I met up with some old school mates and we played Futsal for 2 freaking hours and guess what, it is on the EVE. :-)

1st Day of CNY, slept till 12 something, then went to visit my grandparents. How they have aged. My grandpa aged a lot, at times there will be certain things he can recall and he cannot. But certainly same question was shot to me again, "When getting married? No money, grandpa sponsor", hehehe.... grandpa is cute. Amazingly, grandma still remember my ex's name. Ah Ma, I appreciate it. After those visiting, went back home and slept again. At night join my friend at this so-called most happening club in Malacca, PURE BAR. Drink, drank & drunk.

2nd Day of CNY, shoot up to KL straight. Went to Cming's house for mahjong & visiting. Met up with Meow, Ploy, Keey & Sandy. Nite catch up with Rim and we had dinner together.

3rd Day till 6th Day of CNY, was in Thailand. A planned getaway trip that I much needed. I had my fair fun and joy here. Even went to the temple to make sure things will be smooth ahead for the year of Boar.

6th Day of CNY, reached KL bout 6pm, went to Sunway Pyramid Tony Roma's with Meow for my friend's wedding. It was good dinner where everyone drank till they are drop. Check out Myke's blog for pictures.

7th & 8th Day, mahjong session. Lost money this year. Not a good year to gamble though.

9th Day, 1st day of work, felt lazy and most were still in holiday mood. It is Cming's birthday!!! Happy Birthday baby, and this is the 1st year I joined her birthday, we had dinner & proceeded to Passion. And a little bit akward at first cos I am the only guy in the group with 5 babes. Thanks Cming for inviting, thanks Ploy, Suli, Sugar Jo & Meow. You people certainly play a role in me picking up my bits & pieces since the fall. Like Suli said, there will be always rainbow but it only comes after the rain. Hopefully the rainy day will be over soon and I can see my RAINBOW.

Happy CNY to all. Will post more...



Chris said...

Bro, for u to see the rainbow after the rain, must put up more sunshine on you...without the sunshine, there will be no laugh more...enjoy ur singlehood man...

Sheali said...

wow, still got so many activities in CNY, I was at home, sticked with my bed 3 days...