Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week Ahead

I realized the entries on my blog had lesser picture these days. The other blog that I am handling had been more colorful.

Thanks for all the concern I had over FB & SMS-es I received over the last entry. I guess the feeling will fade soon. Some of my few friends commented that I should give it a try, it is not that I do not have the guts to but I do not want to lose a friend as I am expecting a not so favorable answer.

Well... let's put that aside. I can see good things coming along. So I had an expensive but successful launch for LG Blog 2 weeks ago. Good to work with bunch of diligent peeps to make it possible. Glad that Nuffnang did a great job too, the bloggers were awesome, it had enlightened many of the LG staff & my MD who always in monkey suits working in the office not knowing what actually the blogosphere is like. Hell of a party!!!

Then last Tuesday, I was at KLIA to send my brother off. He will be away to the States for 5 months. It took him a lot of thinking, considering the swine flu outbreak that hit the America pretty badly. But I told him, whatever will happen, it will happen, just get out and enjoy!

Had 2 friends who broke up last week. I had been through that and I know that lousy feelings and if you are reading this, I will always be a good pair of ears for you.

My sis is coming back again, this will be more like a surprise trip back. What's the surprise? I am not sure myself.

I am expecting a busy week again. There will be a BreakOut Dance Show which my company is the main sponsor, for my readers who interested to get the free tickets, drop at LG Blog to find out more. I will also be attending the premiere movie of Monsters vs Aliens 3D with the rest of the invited Nuffnangers this coming Wednesday. Then guess what, I am already an uncle, I will be going back to Malacca next weekend to see my nephew for the very first time.


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