Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Am Fond of Her But...

It finally rains. Perhaps that somehow sum up my feeling.

There definitely plenty of good things that I should blog about - the successful launch of LG Blog, the mega project that I had recently secured, my progress on house-hunting in PJ but well of late I am distracted. Perhaps after letting it all out here, I would realize what I need to do.

Yes, it had been a while. I had this fondness for someone. I do not use "like" or "love" at this point of time because I have not done anything about my fondness for her. I thought it might just be some feeling that will just come and go, but I am sure of my feeling when I realize my mind tend to think of her.

At my age and after a few stints of failed relationships, I am careful with my approach and of course I do not want to lose and scare off a friend like her definitely, and even if good things happened for me, she will also be someone that I want to spend my whole entire life with.

The thing now is that I cannot feel the same brainwave from her, that's why I am a bit hesitated to make the next move. On many aspects of life, I might have confidence but on this, strangely I felt the reversal. My heart & feeling is telling me that she's not interested.

And when you realize you are fond of someone, there are tests sent from up above of some potential candidates whom I do not have such feeling towards them. I do not pursue those though I had the chance, I believe I deserve to find someone I am fond off.

I wish I could tell her this:

Anyway, Michael Song - focus on what you do best in life, stay & believe on your own philosophy of love, "have faith in fate & fate will have faith in you", do as what your heart tells you and go with the flow.

True enough, I should focus on what I do best, let's not change anything as yet, I do not want to lose her as friend as well. Unless she shows some interest, do not pursue anything as yet.

Hmm... I guess I felt better expressing myself virtually as if I am talking to her. I believe God has a plan for me. Enlighten me please, enlighten me.

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Victor Lee said...

Wow emo.. lol
nevermind.. Shit happens all the time. >.<