Monday, May 25, 2009

My 600th Post

It is almost a week since my last update. This is my 600th post and I am somehow proud of this feat. Looking at what I had scribbled on this journal for the past 4 years, the ups & downs of life, the achievements & failures, it had been amazing.

Many asked where do I get the courage to share everything especially the emotional part of me with everyone, be it my friends, clients or strangers. I am not sure myself either, I just enjoy writing and I guess by writing I can express myself better. At least this will be the first place I come to vomit whatever it is inside me even before I can share it with my family or my best buddies. It had been a part of me. This blog is Michael and Michael is this blog, it just work that way.

And very recently, my best buddy had finally found his missing piece of puzzle. Congratulations dude! I am certainly happy for you, and what a way to celebrate this occasion which coincides with our 10th anniversary of friendship? Again, congrats!

As for me, I finally erased the ghost of the past and yes I do have someone in mind that I am fond of, I thought I am unsure about this feeling but it becomes certain when you realize that besides work, it is her that you think of. And when you are having stresses over work and it calms you down just by visualizing her chirpiness. And why don't I make the move then? This is a tough question though, I do not feel she has the same intention, I do hope she will have someday. And most importantly I do not want to risk this friendship & companionship that I have with her. And if you are reading this, yes you, you had made me felt love.

A very exciting & challenging months ahead this year, new house, a new car perhaps & maybe a girlfriend? Pray for me *wink*


Lee said...

I am same like you, still a single. I hope I can meet someone special soon. Sometimes, it is hard to forget some past memories, makes me hard to move on. :)

Anyway, you do have a nice blog here.
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★ whoaamello ★ said...

Very nice for #600. Cheers mate and all the (very) best to you! =D