Thursday, May 07, 2009

Who is Your Best Wonder?

I was enlightened by this Korean song from my mate. Being in a Korean company myself for a bit, I got to agree that the Koreans are making their stamp on every industry, be it in the electronics or even entertainment.

I wanna share this catchy tune, Nobody by the Wonder Girls. While drafting this post, the lyric of the song keeps on lingering on my mind and made me thinking of someone (someone that I am fond of, quite recently). Anyway this post is not venturing into this today, what I really want to share is this special song and how it had taken the world by storm.

1. The original MV by Wonder Girls

2. Wonder Boys

LMAO... These Thai boys really got talent, aren't they?

3. Wonder Yankee

Mat Salleh also know the moves OK!

4. Wonder Ukulele

I think this version is pretty interesting.

5. Wonder Teens

I think the one on the left, her moves are better.

6. Wonder Wannabe


7. Wonder Lover

Trisha might like it but certainly not me.

8. Wonder Rockers

This version is cool, it reminded me of the Korean guy who did the Canon rock version.

9. Wonder Vocal

Her voice is good and I got to agree her Korean is good!

So who's your best wonder???

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