Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ma Semaine

Ma Semaine is french word meaning my week. Many things happened this week and I will share as much as I can remember;

  • Work results been satisfying - 2 mega projects secured, another few potentials coming along but ain't really happy with the unreasonable and messy reportings that I need to do. Shall set sight on opportunities available.
  • Confirm my Bali trip early July. A few more trips yet to be confirmed - Chiangmai in September & Hong Kong in November.
  • I fell in love with someone, that someone showing no interest, the end, full-stop. Time to look forward!
  • Met my sister & her new bf. Nice guy and plenty to learn from him.
  • Met up with my cousin and got to know a new banker friend, Suzanne.
  • Watched the stage show BreakOut, my rating: 11/10. Also watched Terminator Salvation, nice movie, nice camera skill.
  • House hunting - settle down with Kelana Mahkota for the time being, doing all the necessary now, agent, booking, loan, etc, blah blah blah.
  • Another girl telling me her breakup story. I always think I am a good listener, 3 girls told me their breakup stories this year alone.
  • Met up with my best buddy who is residing in Japan. Congrats on your new job bro! Ate a lot this week with him, drank the most expensive red wine with him accompanied with Bak Zhang (chinese meat dumpling). Had great time catching the old days. If AirAsia flies there, I will be there next year!
  • Officially hooked with Facebook whenever I have the freetime, this is not a good sign.
Tired, lazy & sleepy, my apology for the simple update.

Will I fall in love again?

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