Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Unless you are helping on family business, everyone got to go through this thing called "employment"

I still remember during the younger days when I first graduated, I always tell myself about experience. I thought with a certain level of experience, your value in the market will increase and it's easier to demand more from the employer later.

Years passed, yes it is indeed true. You get the reasonable pay in comparable to your age then the next thing you see now is career path, growth and potentiality. Come to my age, sometimes a lot of thing is not about the pay. It is more like a package.

I feel that happiness & motivation play a role. That two factors are the key to ignite one's passion in his/her job I feel.

I am currently lack of this. To many, I might be securing multi-million projects and yet the level of motivation I am having now is so low. I need motivation badly. Nowadays a simple pat on my shoulder will really make my day.

Perhaps, it's time?


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