Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Not feeling too well, no concentration and losing focus on my work, what's on top of my mind now. I am thinking of kids, it put a smile on me just by thinking of them. Let me share some of my best moments with kids.

This is my nephew, Nicholas. A month old few weeks back, he is extremely cute and the check out the candid moment how he staring at me when I camwhore with him. Nicholas, uncle misses you :)

And the above is my experience with the kids in Good Samaritan Home in Klang during my involvement in LG Corporate Social Responsibility program. They are so obedient and why the parents abandoned them? :(

This was taken in a saloon in Haadyai, Thailand during my trip there last year with my family.

This was during the Asia Youth Cup match in Malaysia where the Korea team was playing. During half time, took picture with this cute girl and his dad.

The 2 sisters, nieces of my a fond friend. Taken in Kampar, Perak. The elder sister on the first pic is comfortable while the younger one seems to be a bit terkejut when I hugged her :) Ah Ying & Ah Yan, Kor Kor misses you all.

This is Vivien residing in London, England. Taken during the family trip back to Malaysia. Kor Kor misses singing "Home" by Michael Buble with you ;)

This was taken in Chiangmai, Thailand during one of the dealers trip there.

This is my personal favorite. It is also my facebook profile picture where people mistakenly thought that I am married man with kids. At that time I still spot my ala Rain curly hair. Boy, Vanessa, Hui Hui, Ying & Yan, I miss you kids.

By the end of this post, I am all smiling. Thank you kids. Muacks!

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