Monday, June 08, 2009

사랑해요 Means I Love You

I was in dire need of inspiration. Every time now and then when I log in the blogger site, the moment I want to put my thoughts in writing, I paused and both my hands just went numb. Anyway, while on my way to work today listening to OneFM, this song inspired me to write up this post.

Of late, I had just signed up a Korean language classes and I had been practicing it with my colleagues and friends.
사랑해요, romanized as "sarangheyo" means I love you.

And OneFM had been one of my favorite radio station ever since introduced by a friend. This morning the morning kakis were discussing about the topic, "what if you bump into someone you like with another guy/gal?" Pretty interesting innit? For me (I thought to myself), it will definitely feel akward and weird, definitely. But akwardness apart, I will bless her and wish her all the best. Ok, father's day is around the corner, love is not only all about a guy & a gal, it is a good time now for us to say "sarangheyo" to our beloved daddy ;)

Enjoy the translated lyrics & song below ya. My Monday is not that blue anyway :)

Standing alone on the stage,
My shadow is casted by the spotlight,
Our common grief is represented by music,
It's not that everytime I sing,
It will make me forget that you won't be with me tomorrow.

In my heart, we'll never be apart.

The fragrance that you left behind in my hands reminded me,
The promises left behind in the digital camera,
Every message that is being sent is telling you...

사랑해요 means I love you,
It represents that I can't leave you,
Every minute, every second & every sound,
I can only smile when I think of your antics

사랑해요, these words only just for you ;)

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