Saturday, September 26, 2009

On Blogging & Friends

I had recently received 2 special notes from 2 different friends on how I had inspired them to start their own blog. I am grateful for those comments and to be frank I have never thought that I had made such impact on blogging especially among my friends.

Come to think about it, I am now entering my 5th year of blogging and it had been the better platform for me to express myself better. And through blogging, I had made many new friends, be it readers or people I met during some gathering. The name MikeMmery had been a part of me, people who know me through here would recognize me by that name although going back my 600 over postings here, the name itself had a significant meaning to me, but I had since moved on.

Introducing The PurpleV Heart authored by Cynthia Chen. In fact, the chemistry I had with her is mainly through the cyberworld, despite that, she got to know me better through my blog and had been at times a very very loyal listener to me on my very personal stuff. Thanks for the nice words you dropped on facebook and I am glad that you started your own blog as that will draw me closer to your world. And babe, I MISS YOU!!!

And yesterday a very dear ex-colleague of mine, Ms. Seow, had started her own blog as well, check out Blog with miee. And Ms. Seow, thanks for giving me the chance to be part of LG Life's Good Blog family! Thanks for listening to my suggestions and put LG Electronics as the first electronics company in Malaysia to start its own blog, it's a feat that I am very very proud of! And keep the blogging spirit alive ya!

Time to go, till then... c u peeps soon!

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