Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back To School Days

I felt like I am back to school days. You know those school days when the school will invite your parents to school after the mid-term examination to collect report cards.

Somebody read my blog and called my dad to complain that, "hey your son is writing this this this, la la la", yes it did pissed me a little as my parents called me up to remind me as a 30 years old man to avoid writing about it but I am too weak to feel angry as I had been sick since last Saturday.

Straining my relationship with my family will only come to one conclusion - you making things worst than ever! I will not want to mention names here, but as saying, "Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas!"

I mentioned one post earlier, I meant happiness now, I want all well ends well, no threat, no forcing. You can't force me to see someone that I do not want to see right?

And for the people that felt offended reading my post, there is a red X button on the top right of the screen if you are Windows user, and if you are MAC user, there's always one on the top left corner. Nobody ask anybody to read this blog. If I am writing nonsensical stuff, you can choose not to read it, go and read more interesting stuff, now get out of here lamers!

Ok, ciao outside and medicine time now!

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