Monday, September 07, 2009

Diamond Voice

I am about to share videos of inarguable the best male voice of the world. I particularly like this song.

Present to you "Dedication" by Vitas, each and every time I listen to it, it felt different all the time. There will be time that you will lay tears after hearing this song, there was also time you felt like you are on cloud nine or missing someone or thinking about my mom. I got no idea under what genre should I categorize this masterpiece.

Enjoy the video! Pay attention on the 2.40 of the first video and tell me if you are not impress.

And I forgot to tell you guys, this is also hell of a good song to 捉-KICK (catch kick) if you are high.

Marvelous! Bravo! Come to think about it,
Vitas can actually speak to dolphin.

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