Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Humble or Hamba?

Sorry dude, I know I had neglected yet again this site. There are a lot to share and I do not know where to start.

Let's talk a bit of what's happening at work of late. Few senior managers spoke to me (I mentioned SENIOR MANAGERS) came up to me and gave me a piece of advice "be humble". I nodded and did a bit of thinking about this.

Being my vocal self and always seem to be a fighter in the company, I evaluated those words conveyed to me, "HUMBLE". Let me share a bit of my working style here before I indulge deeper on the word "HUMBLE". I am a fighter, I always stand in my customer point of view, I always debate on my justification over a decision I made. To me, any decision made in business, business sense MUST prevail!

Early last year when I took up the role of business development, practically I headed the department with one of my junior who I had no issue with and we worked closely and get things done and secured. Things changed until early this year when the organization decided to place a Senior Manager whom I need to report to. This had not been an issue and I had tried my best to work with him as much as I can. Being myself, I had numerous occasions where I had constructive arguments with various departments in the company but my intention was good, everyone knows that, blame it on the respective KPIs that everyone got to meet. So therefore certain business decisions I made, I had no choice but to overlap a lot of people in the company and went straight to MD who most of the time sees the logic behind my justification (thanks MD!)

This had in fact angered many parties whom in the end of the day I did went to each and everyone to apologize and hope that they understand that whatever we argued was for work and nothing personal. Outside, I am seem to be a nice person, I can mix well with people in & out of the company. I am glad that some people really understand and accept that Michael Song is what he is and it really take a very tough manager with strong personality to mold me as a future leader. I learned the hard way, during the SEE days, I learned a lot from the top management there and still keeping in touch with some of them.

So back to "HUMBLE", my upbringing and to friends who know me personally, I do have qualities of being a humble person. My clients can prove it. Then come to think about it, is it that some of the Senior Managers want me to be a "Yes Man" or in another word, a "HAMBA" instead of "HUMBLE".

Just as I count my days down in my current company, here by are some really nice testimonials given by my clients.

"He is a fighter. He always at his best to fight for us and very unfortunate that he is taking up bigger role & challenge elsewhere" - Citibank

"He is a very prompt person, very helpful at most occasions and he even came to ground to do installation" - Ireka Land

"Michael is the most friendliest supplier under my list. He had been helpful and supportive in the call to promote Korea tourism. From a relationship of a supplier-client, we are now friends!" - Korea Tourism Organization

"Very helpful and informative, committed even though our delivery dateline to him was tight" - Super Coffeemix

"The only person that I can rely to when I need information and support, great job done in assisting my prize giving ceremony, certainly a good experience working with him even though for a short one" - Berjaya Sports Toto

So "HUMBLE" or "HAMBA"? You make the call!

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