Sunday, September 02, 2007

Merdeka Penetrated Melaka

We just celebrated 50 years of independent, the number of years are just symbolic to me and it does not bring me any significant meaning but the best thing it's a holiday. I am not patriotic though if patriotism is judge by the number of flags I raised or stick to my car :) Beware, this is a blardy long post with many pictures but I had already compressed all the pictures so it shouldn't be any problem viewing it here.

This time around I chose to spend some good time in Melaka with 2 of my friends and it had been a long long time since I last explored the historical city itself. It feels nice to be at home but as usual the holidays allowed others to swamp the city as well.

We arrived on late Thursday night, the journey along the PLUS highway south bound was amazingly smooth and it was not a dull one as we were accompanied with convoys of Mat Rempits carrying the Jalur Gemilang.

We decided to have Satay Celup as our late dinner & supper. Satay Celup is one of its kind and can only be found in Melaka. The concept is the same as Fatman's Lok-Lok in KL, difference is the gravvy used. Each & every table will have this centred hole full with boiling thick satay gravvy made of groundnuts, chilli powder & sugar.

And we then we will be given sticks of various kinds in a tray - fishballs, meatballs, foo chok, siham, tofu, yong tau fu, etc.

You then place the stick of your choice into the hot boiling gravvy to cook it. It is heaven. A specialty of Melaka though not all fancy it considering of its hygiene part of it. Best thing about Melaka is that you do not have to fork out a lot for a considerable good food. We had a total of 60 sticks at a damage of less than RM40.

The following day, we pimped Jonker Street or in the British Colony days, it was called Heeren Street. It is an old Chinatown with a lot of early 19th century structures standing tall & proud here. This stretch of street is popular among treasure hunters & antique enthusiasts. A place to hunt for reasonably priced souvenir as well.

As a Malaccan myself, I cannot resist the temptation of getting something here as well. I bought myself this when I walked into one of the shop.

Warning, plenty of good food can be found in this 500m long street. In Melaka, no one can ever miss its Nyonya cendol. There are several outlets serving this and we had it twice in a different place.

Pictures below are some of the food we had throughout our walk along this street. Massive orgasms, I am in heaven...

Nyonya Ayam Pongteh

The famous Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls, another Melaka specialty. Very rare to see people lining up in long queue to eat chicken rice.

Various types of Nyonya kuihs

The famous push-cart Wan Tan Mee

And when you were younger, have you tried the Ting Ting Candy?

Jonker Street not only a place for food hunters, if you are into photography, this is one of the best place to snap shots buildings & structures that resemble the old days Shanghai town. Many houses which were once occupied by the rich & famous Chinese are now turned into souvenir shops. Many were renovated but the unique architetures of the buildings still remain until today.

Many smaller shops still selling stuff in a very old skool way, and the famous cincalok of Melaka.

I have many friends who came to Melaka before commented that it is a blardy hot town, it is indeed and along this street, you never fail to see pubs and cafes open in the noon and beer drinking in the afternoon is so enjoyable. One of the Hongkie movie "Summer of Love" starring Richie Ren & Sammi Cheng was shot here too. This is the cafe where one of the scene was shot here.

The famous Orang Utan house where one of the world famous painter, Charles Cham is based. This studio gallery shows off his infamous paintings and collectible T-shirts are available here at a reasonable price.

Off The Jonker Street is Jalan Tokong (Temple Street), this is where the oldest Chinese temple in the whole Malaysia is situated, amazing architecture of more than a century old. Cheng Hong Teng temple.

It was a long long tiring but fulfilling day for all of us, between modernization, Melaka still maintain major part of its heritage. After the long day at Jonker Walk, we decided to call it a day and pimped the new local shopping mall, Dataran Pahlawan.

The second day, woke up early as Meow wanted to buy Nyonya dumplings which she spotted over a food hunting program on Astro AEC. We called the Uncle Lee a day earlier to make a booking of 3 dozens.

We then went food hunting again, this time we went for the TeoChew Bak Kut Teh. Best thing about it, it is served with Yam Rice and the taste is a total different from the one we had in Klang. Babi memang sedap...

As it is our last day in Melaka, we thought of doing the final shopping. Most of the people who visited Melaka, will never miss this place. The Tan Kim Hock, the famous Dodol King of Malaysia. Many local finger food and titbits can be found here. The popular ones will be the Durian & Coconut Dodol. And not forgetting too the Cincalok of Melaka. They also served Durian Cendol.... again, massive squirting & orgasm...

Finally, we had one of the super freshest & best seafood dinner in Melaka. It is situated quite secluded from the Melaka Town and mainly the local will know this place. This place is also known as Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Sungai Duyong. For 3 persons, we definitely a big eater, we had 2 fishes, siakap & cencaru, 3 pieces of flower crabs, deep fried calamari, otak-otak, kerang and nasi lemak.

A long winding post, took me 3 hours to edit the pictures and posted it all here but nevertheless it was one of the best merdeka celebration for myself. Enjoy the video below...

How you celebrated your MERDEKA???


Chris said...

fuhhh long time din go back melaka man...nice one bro...and hey, cheng hoon teng leh...not cheng hong teng...i guess u have difficulty pronouncing 'hoon'...we say hoon ki...u say hong ki...muahhahaha...neway, din bring ur fren for o-cien and backlane siham?

tulipspeaks said...

yummy yummy food!


tanalan2 said...

Hmm..should hv followed u back Melaka !!! Hmm...bro..seriously shit yr photography skills has improved a can feel the artistic in it.

Princess Eileen said...

I watch tv till 12:30am and forgot to shout "Merdeka!". Stay home whole day and went out at night with my 2 gfs for a private party and dancing. Hehe... nothing special right?

When do I have the honour to be bring around malacca by a malaccan? I been to malacca many times before though. Always go and eat the famous round chicken rice :)

Michael Song said...

chris... thx 4 the correction, i guess im a failed malaccan :P , diden manage to eat o cien & backlane siham, raining leh...

ammu... one day I bring u around melaka maybe?

alan... told u to follow me back... thanks for the photography compliments...

Michael Song said...

princess eileen... next time let me know lar ur next trip to melaka, shall bring u around... my pleasure...

lanatir said...

Nice post but Heeren Street and Jonker Street are the original names for 2 different streets during the old days. They are not the same streets. Heeren Street today is known as Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Jonker Street is Jalan Hang Jebat.

Michael Song said...

lanatir... thanks for the correction, told u im a lousy malaccan :(