Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Which "F" Are You?

In this era of technology, keeping in touch with friends had been easier than the old days of snail mailing & phone calls. I started blogging to share my personal daily journal among friends, and this circle has consistently enlarge and I met a lot of beautiful & nicest people throughout the world through my site.

Besides this, there are 2 most well known platform in the world wide web which I believe most of you all had already signed up one or even multiple accounts. Before blogging, I started out to keep in touch with my buddies & share my photos with them and friendster had since improved their service which include blog and skin for your profile page. sign up!

A few weeks back, the special one introduced me to , at first pretty reluctant to sign up another internet based account as I had dozens of accounts with various usernames & passwords, and you know it is pretty annoying when during the sign up process they letting you know that your username had been taken, blah blah blah. Giving the special one the benefit of the doubt, I signed up.

And since then, I am hooked to facebook. Personally I feel that facebook is much more interactive and it is always nice to beat someone on Scrabble :P , it is always nice to receive some virtual gifts & pokes from your friends that linked up through facebook. No doubt, my friends in the friendster database is larger but I would pressure more and more people to facebook, hehehehe :P so that I can bite them and turn them into vampires!!! sign up!

add me @ friendster

add me @ facebook

Are you Friendster or Facebook???


Chris said...

I've got both Fs...thank you for biting me...damn i'm now a vampire...i'll beat the ass out of u once i turn into a giant vampire...knn...

michelleg said...

i just started to be active in facebook. facebook rocks!

Princess Eileen said...

Haha, I have both too. But relatively new in facebook, not very sure what to do with it.

Michael Song said...

chris... hahaha, u lost to me on scrabble last nite :P

michelle... facebook rox rite? friendster dying... reminding me of those ICQ days being replaced by MSN...

princess eileen... add me!! add me!!

tulipspeaks said...

Friendster, of course!



Paus Biru said...

Facebook it is for moi!

Actually declined a few invitations before I finally hooked up. I love it now...Friendster is so dead :-p

Michael Song said...

tulips... perhaps u wanna check out on facebook, they rockz!!!

paus biru... im hooked too!!!