Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Does Justice Exist in Malaysia?

I am supposed to write about my Macau & China travelogue today but I felt that I have a responsibility as a Malaysian to share this with all my readers. I am rather upset, a bit angry and worried in view of our country condition at the moment. Weeks ago, local media wrote of how overjoyed the rakyat soon after the Budget 2008 was announced.

Many times, far too many times, we are unable to view or listen the real news in the country. In a way, segelintir media seriously insult & ridicule our intelligence. Thanks to MalaysiaKini, I really appreciate their hardwork, the risks taken by their journalists & photographers, to give us a better & clearer picture of what is actually happening in this country.

I saw this footage about how a group of university students who have every right to demand for an explaination for having their belongings seized without a proper procedure. This happened in UPM, so happen that my brother is currently pursuing his further studies there. Do you see this in local media? What is wrong with demanding an explaination? And why in the world the police disallowed the student to join the meeting in the private room? If this footage being shown on national TV, can the parents really feel safe to send their child to local uni?

If that is not shocking enough, check the video below, it is so shocking to find this, listen to all his conversation, you definitely got a holy shock of your freaking life. When the law & justice suppose to be fair, adil, after this video, you will look at our juridicial & law system differently, you will start thinking how many big cases or even the ongoing cases are political influenced? Those behind bars now, are they really guilty or just scapegoats in this corrupted hierarchy? Why the situation is worsen day by day? Why is this breaking news do not go as big as our fellow friend Namewee?

I seriously do not understand, my fellow readers you be the judge, practise your rights, you can make a change not only for ourselves but also our future generation.

I wanna believe in this constituition but can I? Can I?


maegen said...

i hor except the "correct !correct !! i really can't understand what the "Ind-glish" talk about wo .. = P

Princess Eileen said...

Michael, you should change this

"I wanna believe in this constituition but can I? Can I?"
"I wanna believe in this constituition but can WE? Can WE?"

Michael Song said...

maegen, try to search for more accurate news about this... tis is shockingly big case...

princess eileen... agree wif u 100%... hehehehe :)