Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September Happeningz

This month besides my day job, there are few happeningz for mikemmery. I will be joining the Microsoft Tech Ed 2007 as a volunteer. Will be expecting blogger friends rames, smashpOp & jennifer there. Also expecting to meet up my 2 other female friends Nikki & Praveen there. Voluntarily job has not been so fun. Looking forward to it and promise you guys plenty of pictures.

And guess what peeps? I officially will be joining the 30-hour famine charity work next weekend. Just signed up @ Sin Chew office and some of my friends commented why pay money to experience hunger?

Have you guys ever come across some strangers approaching you while you having your meal at some food court or restaurant on donation for some charity??? I have never even once done that cause there is this feeling in me telling me they are conmen. As far as charity is concern, I feel it is not just about the money, it is also the taste of the sufferings others have to go through. So hereby come the chance, that's why I decided to be part of it.

I will be joining with 11 other friends, so if you are going, do drop me a comment, perhaps we can meet up.

So peeps, have you done your part yet???


Danny Foo said...

I might see you at Tech.Ed Sea... or probably not. Depending what is the Nuffnang sembang event later. ;)


Michael Song said...

hi danny... c u when u get there...