Thursday, September 27, 2007

珠海, Pearl Sea (Part 1)

As promised, a reader MSN me today asking me when am I going to write about my trip. So here you go, by now the posting about Macao might been a bit outdated & boring because of this and maybe this or this, this, blah blah blah. But rest assured, I am not gonna blog about Macao this time around, I am going to share my 3 nights experience in this beautiful garden by the sea.

It only took about 3 1/2 hours to reach Macao. Although AirAsia had from time to time let us down because of delayed flights, we should be grateful too as travelling had been more affordable to all. From the check-out point, we were immediately transfered to Gong Bei Gate about 20 minutes away from the airport. This is the gateway that linked Macao city & Zhuhai (珠海)

Zhuhai or direct translation 'Pearl Sea' is one of China's cleanest & prettiest cities and received numerous accolades for its excellent ecological development effort. It is certainly the city that I will definitely pay a second visit in near future. Weather at this time around the year is pretty humid.

Since the hotel we were supposed to check in were not ready, we were brought by our guide to the famous Lover's Street, a popular hang out street for young couples and tourists for pictures snapping session.

This street is about 3.5km and the most crowded place along this stretch is where the statue of the Zhuhai Goddess situated, I would not wanna give a long-winded explaination about this legendary goddess, check here for more info.

I also do not want to miss the opportunity to give a camwhore shot here. The signage here reads 珠海渔女, direct translation - Pearl Sea Fisher Girl, sounds akward isn't it?

By the time we finish our shameless camwhoring session, it was about time to check in the hotel. We stayed in this luxurious 5-stars Zhuhai International Conference Center Hotel located in the heart of the city. I got the whole room by myself and the best of it all, it provides free broadband service in the room itself but unfortunately I am unable to access in or even to view my blog which I first thought blogger got their servers down but the fact is all sites are prohibited in China, why ar?

After about an hour of rest, we decided to give a try on their latest HotSpring located 60km away from the town of Zhuhai. It took about an hour cab ride to this amazing hot spring. The whole place is just like our very own Malaysia's Genting. It has an outdoor theme park, water park, hotel and other tourist attraction but due to time constraint, we chose only to try out the hot spring.

The charges to enjoy this hotspring facilities is only RMB150 (RM75), and you can spend your whole day in this hotspring. There are about 50 types of different kind of hotsprings here. Some with Chinese traditional herbs and there is even a redwine hotspring where you soak yourself into redwine, amazing kan? After that I opted for an hour of foot & body massage, for that time I felt like I'm in heaven, my body was there but my soul elsewhere. I miss the feeling.

So here I am done with my part 1, what's next??? Be right back tomorrow :)


Santze said...

U call that "LIMA BINTANG" hotel? Sure boh....???

Princess Eileen said...

Hmmm... doesnt seem like a fun place to travel... haha, cut this place off my travel list :P

Michael Song said...

san... that is really a 5 stars hotel... google it...

princess eileen, y leh? perhaps the way i describe it not good enuff?

Seizhin said...

Michael's back!!

Having a good time in China ?

No souvineer for your readers ar ?

Michael Song said...

seizhin... yeah im back, had gr8 time in china... uhh, no souvenir wor, too many to buy if to all readers :P