Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Canned Food - Are They Really Safe?

I was reading this post Zewt posted, and true enough that personally I have doubts on canned food & drink now. Although most of dairy products in Malaysia are cleared of Melamine, as per Zewt's posting, I still think there are substance that can be harmful to the body that have yet to be discovered.

I still remember during my primary school days, mom would wake up early to prepare breakfast for us. One of my all time favorite would be clipping 2 pieces of Gardenia bread onto the Ma Ling Luncheon Meat. I think till now you can still see the famous canned Ma Ling Luncheon Meat in those non-halal section of all hypermarts here. In Singapore, it was banned after test showed that its sample contained a cancer-causing antibiotic. Scarry innit???

And we were talking about a brand which already in the market for decades. And how sure are we that the rest of the canned food in the market now are safe? Are you confident enough to say that our all time favorite canned sardine, tuna & red beans are safe? How about the condensed milk & vaporated milk that we consume daily on our coffee & tea?

Thanks Zewt for sharing & reminding.

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Chris said...

Tis a good time to buy Malaysian. Our confidence in Chinese foodstuff has been greatly undermined that most of us have stopped buying Chinese foodstuff altogether