Monday, October 06, 2008

End Year Madness

I perhaps will have limitation in blogging. The final quarter of 2008 is rather crucial and will be the busiest month ever for any trading company despite the recession that slowly hitting the world.

After the long Raya break, works been piling up steadily, I wish I will have more time. October is going to be a short working month with Deepavali coming end of the month. Expecting a new product launching next week. And in the month of November I will practically be out of the country most of the time. My younger brother will be getting married and the dinner will be in November. After that, I will be away in Hong Kong from 7th to 15th November. And maybe I will be flying there again on the 18th to attend the InfoComm Asia Exhibition which coincidencely will be held in Hong Kong as well. I guess I will have little time to surprise myself on my birthday. And I will be missing the scheduled company trip as I will still be in HK then. There are a few readers here from HK, perhaps we can meet up, do contact me at

Gosh... are you as busy as I am?



@lly said... busy...

Michael Song said...

yalor ally... hopefully i can catch up wif u in hongkong... cheers!