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Hatyai - Syiok!!!

Hey people, I am back. It felt a bit weird not being able to online for the past 4 days. To cut long story short, I was away for vacation with my family in Hatyai, Thailand since it is a long Raya break. And my apology to all Muslim readers, I take this opportunity to wish all Muslim friends a very happy Raya Aidilfitri.

How to get there?
Back to my trip, this time around, dad decided to go by bus. Hatyai had been a yearly destination for my parents during Raya break. This is my 2nd time there with my parents. Little do I know, now there is a daily direct bus from Melaka to Hatyai, saving all the hassle of driving there. Cost is about RM70/pax from Sentral Melaka up to Hatyai City Centre. For fellow Malaccan who needs more info, here is the number, KKKL Tour (06-2881399).

Where to stay?
I had been to Hatyai for a few times now, still our favourite hotel will be BP Grand Suite located along the busy Sanehanusorn Road mainly because of the location and the price. For a decent queen size bed, it cost RM80/night. There are many other hotels along this stretch, there are many new hotels in this area too.

Food & Beverages
I always love Thailand, whether it's Hatyai, Bangkok or Chiangmai because of the food. Everywhere you go, you see pork, very nice pork or "moo" in Thai. And not to mention too their chicken rice is very yummy, none of the joints in Malaysia that I know of that can beat the chicken rice here. So, if you are going Hatyai, chicken rice & bak kut teh is a MUST.

And also right opposite the BP Grand Suite, there is this fried kuey tiaw stall which only open late noon til late night. Highly recommended too.

As you walk around the busy street of Sanehanusorn, you can see a lot of stalls selling Thailand junk food. Try as much as you can. But price nowadays is not as cheap as 3 years back. Price very likely similar to KL rate but worth a go.

Do not forget the mango with glutinous rice, pineapples and coconuts.

Activities in Hatyai
Shopping - for ladies. Cheap imitation jerseys, fake Polo Ralph shirts. The most expensive boutique here is Lacoste followed by Nautica, both in Lee Garden. The girls commented the bra & the panty are cheap here. Few shopping malls in this stretch of road - Central, Odeon & Lee Garden. Tips: for discount on the street always offer 50% lower than the price quoted. As for in the shopping mall, go to Odeon, the promoters there can give discount if you sweet talk them to bed

As for guy like who does not fancy shopping, always can opt for a hair cut like I did during my trip. I had a hair cut & coloured my hair plus shampoo & washing - total cost about RM70. Where to get such rate in KL? Loreal somemore, don't play play.

Also massage - plenty of massages. Farking cheap making you feel like a fool paying double/triple the price back in Malaysia. Standard 1 hour 45 mins full traditional body massage cost only 240baht (appx RM24) and for foot massage 1 hour 30 mins 250baht (RM25). I had all of them and it's heaven. You can also walk in any saloon, get your nail cut (RM15), cleanse your ears (RM8), dead skin removal (RM15). Highly recommended - Apple Saloon (2 blocks away from BP Grand Suite). As for full body massage - go for Sakura.

Night life & activities
In Hatyai of course a lot of guys will be there to enjoy their escort services. For those who are not there for this, you can always go to pubs scattered around the Hatyai City. Their live bands are really good and interactive. There is one just below the Odeon Shopping Mall, and another one called Westside. For disco you can go to Paragon or Kiss Channel. The damage for alcohol here is much lower than in Malaysia. As draft beer is not that popular here, go for big bottled Heineken in any pub/disco you go. Price per bottle not more than RM15 and the waitress here are much friendlier and much fun to be with :)

I sang a song too.

Things you must know
Since my last trip there 2 years ago, a lot of changes now. Smoking is prohibited in most indoor area, this includes pubs, discos & restaurant even if they are not air conditioning joints. Good for non-smokers! And convenience stores or supermarts cannot sell alcohol drinks within a certain period of time. Good rules innit?

Bring an international adaptor for your phone & laptop charging. The currency rate at the time of my traveling period was RM1 = 9.80Baht

And big Heineken selling in Tops Supermart for RM6 per bottle. Damn!!!

That's about it all for Hatyai this time around. Come this November I will be going for 9-days free & easy Hong Kong, Macau & perhaps China trip. Life can be wonderful.

Happy weekend ahead!

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hi mike .. how are you? ot has been long time since SFI days.. great to know that you have very informative blog.. me planning to go there soon.. any helpful info you can email to me