Thursday, October 09, 2008

On Malaysian Politics

Some readers who frequented here must be wondering why I am not blogging about politics lately. Without many realizing it, it soon becoming a big joke. Politicians to some certain extent should have some wisdom and at the same time should be a role model to the people. But I am not seeing many, our political scene is more filled with 'Barisan Jokers' and it's even more dramatic than any TVB drama making Astro On-Demand expecting to lose some business to these jokers.

With Dollah announcing his plan not to defend the UMNO Presidency, Najib to go for the top post and few jokers going for the No. 2 post in UMNO. You see, everything about Barisan, it's also about UMNO. Presidency in UMNO automatically confirm one as Prime Minister, second man in UMNO will be the Deputy Prime Minister. Yes, Opposition did gave hope, I look at the Opposition coalition, it's really a good partnership for a Malaysian Malaysia - Malaysia for all races but all of a sudden, they went into hiding after failing to deliver the 916 or whatever the number they had promised us.

Malaysia is a rich country - we have oil & gas, plantation, rubber - plenty of resources, this includes human resource. We have plenty of bright talents but mostly opt to pursue their career out of the country. So what's left in Malaysia? Maybe we will not see it in 5-10 years to come, but if the current state continues and with jokers leading the country, Malaysia is going down in history as a joke.

We have Father of Independence, Development, Unity, Modernization and some even remarked the latest one as Father of Shame (Bapa Kemaluan). The script is like an auto-repeat itself, it is like listening to Sean Kingston's playing on the radio over and over again that you feel like smacking the radio. All politicians who about to come into power will always promise CHANGE.


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