Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Najib & His Chopper Deal

I still remember the first time I bought my car. Back then, I only had enough budget to get a car in the RM50k region, so after shortlisting some, I went to check out the car, made a few test drive and the decision making took me more than a month before I decided for Myvi.

Today our future PM, Najib had another kaboom. To sum it all, he decided to purchase 12 Eurocopter choppers at a price of RM2.317 billion. I would say the country can go ahead to buy the choppers as it do help the nation when it is in need.

But... but... for such a big deal and be it a government deal, normally it had to gone through the tender process. And as part of the tender process, testing is compulsory but how can a minister signed on a deal without testing the machines? And we are talking about RM2.317 billion. Perhaps he made some mistakes there but the people cannot help themselves but to think that "under table" is practiced in the deal. Don't blame the rakyat, proof us otherwise.

Malaysia-today reveals here.
More on The Malaysian Insider & Malaysiakini.

I cannot help but to think the project interview may sounded like this;

Tenderer 1

Interviewer: Your bid is 3 million. How do you justify your tender sum?

Korean tenderer: 1 million for labour, 1 million for materials and 1 million for expenses and a little profit.

Interview: Ok. Thank you. Next!

Tenderer 2

Interviewer: Your bid is 6 million. How do you justify your tender sum?

Japanese tenderer: 2 million for labour, 2 million for materials and 2 million for expenses and a little profit.

Interviewer: Ok. Thank you. Next!

Tenderer 3

Interviewer: Your bid is 9 million. This is way above everyone else. How do you justify your tender sum?

Malaysian tenderer: 3 million for YOU, 3 million for ME, and we get the Koreans to do it for 3 million.

Disappointed again & again & again... Once a Minister made a remark saying that, "...if the country continues to subsidize the petrol, the country might go bankrupt one day..." and the
above RM2.317 billion - money well spent?

We'll see what Najib got to say on this.

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TNH said...

nice post..i like the interview..and that's really true...can't wait what type of pretty words our dearest futur PM will said..