Saturday, March 28, 2009

Counting Down to Earth Hour in Melaka

Let's do our part this evening in support of Earth Hour 2009. I am in Melaka in conjunction of the Qingming Festival so I had managed to get my whole family to support this call to raise awareness of global warming by switching off all lights for an hour.

So today 28th March 2009, from 8.30PM to 9.30PM, let's support this event. Since I am in Melaka, very likely I will end up in Starbucks in Mahkota Parade. Starbucks is one of the many corporations that had pledged their support for this event. During this one meaningful one hour, enjoy 20% storewide discount from Starbucks. Good time for you to get yourself a Starbucks tumbler where you can enjoy RM2 discount each and everytime you purchase beverages and fill up the tumbler instead of using the paper & plastic cups.

So if you happen to be in Melaka and saw me in Starbucks, let's snap some picture ya! So my fellow bloggers & netizens, as we are counting hours down to Earth Hour this evening, do your part and spread the words, for more info, please check out Earth Hour page.

ps: Check out LG Malaysia page here. They are having some activities back in KL.

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