Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ghost Of Girlfriend Past

Yes, this is an upcoming Matthew McConaughey & Jennifer Garner movie. However I am inspired to blog on a personal experience of the title above. Sipping my ice lemon tea at Just Dessert, The Curve, listening to Khalil Fong's number on my itouch, I am about to walk down the memory lane of my girlfriend past, on how this ghost had been haunting me not on nightmare but mainly on my sweetest dream of a teenager.

It was early 1999, 21 years of age, my younger sister had just finished her SPM and she is in the midst of applying for an intake in TAR College, Kuala Lumpur. I was working for my parents in the electrical shop back then, I completed my Certificate in Business from Stamford College and dad was asking if I were to pursue my studies, with no idea of what will be my future ahead, I nodded in agreement and filled up the form which was meant for my sister and sent in without putting a hope that I will be offered a place in TARC.

2 months past, I received an unexpected reply from TARC, I am offered to do my Diploma in Business in TARC. Orientation to kick off in late April, early May if I am not mistaken. Being someone who had never leave hometown, I am so anticipated about my college days in KL. I was assisted by a friend of mine who is studying in TARC back then, John. John allowed me to bunk in his place in Menara Alpha, Section 2 Wangsa Maju and I still remember my unit number is 14-21.

On the first day of orientation, another housemate of mine, Lester loaned me his bike (a Honda Hurricane) and with my half-head helmet given by Jason Kua during my secondary school days. I am unsure about the venue of the orientation, I think it was either DK C or DK D in TARC.

I was early, it was a real big lecture hall with seatings of a stadium. Being fresh & new, I chose the last row of seatings. I still remember at that point of time, I used a brick sized Nokia phone. There and then I met my best buddies in KL till now. The first person I spoke to, a long-hair specky & rascal looking guy by the name Chong, amazingly requested a ride home after the orientation. Then we were joined by a lanky & loud guy who on the first day itself made himself popular by the naughty whistling on babes who walked in the lecture hall. Introducing Rim, these 2 are my best buddies and brothers in KL.

On the first day itself, someone caught my attention. She was in her Nike trainer, sweet young thing with a ponytail. That was the first time I know her then, she somehow caught my attention as she is someone we would labeled as babe in our course of 300 or so students with the number of female students doubling the male.

That one year, we did not really get close until my best buddy somehow had good feelings for her. On the second year, my buddy will come and bunk over my place in Menara Alpha and on some nights we would call her out for supper in the ever packed mamak in Section 2 Wangsa Maju. It was then I got to know her name, to know more about her, like where she stays and where she is from. With just pure intention of being a friend, I did not think much then, I had my encounters with other girls back then and knowing the fact that my best buddy had interest on her.

After somehow, my best buddy did not show any progress apart from having good feelings for her, she again somehow manage to move my the other buddy's heart. It was at the second year with exams around the corner. Just like any other time when exams were nearing, we would do group studies. My best buddy was unwell at a point, and she took the initiative to prepare some herbal soup/tea for him, however my that buddy did not progress the feeling either.

Months past, it was our final days in TARC, it was our final semester exam, it was then she captured my heart. It was rather odd. She lost her handphone, a Motorola clamshell V-series, she cried. That was the first time I had seen someone in tears so captivating. It was then we started to get close.

Upon finishing college, I moved on to work in KLIA for a year. When none of my buddies were keeping in touch with her, I am on the reversal side. There would be SMS exchanges, ICQ and calls during her stay in London. Then there was a point she served a short term internship in Genting while finishing her degree in Stamford College, PJ.

Her first ever birthday I celebrated with her at TGIF, One Utama (2003)

Proceeding my life, I had 2 relationships that are not very pleasant and it was in 2003, when she finished her degree and on her short break, we got really close. I started my 2nd job in KL, attached to Scott & English Electronics as a Sales Executive. I still stayed in the first place since I landed in KL from Malacca, Menara Alpha in Wangsa Maju. Calls & SMS were more frequent between myself and her. And this time around, we would plan where to meet, places to go, we were not steady yet. I would drive all the way to Subang where she stayed with her brother just for dinner & just for a cuppa of coffee. I would tag her along whenever I hang out with my 2 best buddies in KL, further fuelling rumors that I was having a relationship with her then.

On one outing in Big Echo Karaoke, Kepong with my buddies (2003)

It was only my birthday, we were sure that we needed each other, it's definitely a birthday I will not forget, it was at Halo Cafe in Wangsa Maju with all my best buddies & her presence. I built the courage to go up the stage to sing "Right Here Waiting" OA by Richard Marx. That was the beginning of something beautiful then.

The Ghost of Girlfriend Past to continues...

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