Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Encounter With Polis Diraja Malaysia

I am gonna put my "Ghost Of Girlfriend Past Part 2" on hold to slot this in, something that had just happened not too long ago.

I remembered there was once a good buddy of mine told me a story about an encounter with the police of Singapore. This friend of mine was caught speeding in Singapore, he was then stopped by this police who requested him to hand his ID & driving license. While the police took down the details, he asked my friend whether he realize that he was speeding. My friend nodded and he further asked my friend the reason he sped even he knew there is a speed limit on that stretch. My friend told the police that he is rushing for an oversea flight. Then the police told my friend that he had broken the law and he has no choice but to issue a summon to him. However after issuing the summon, the police told my friend that he can get to the airport on time. The police on the siren on his patrol car and with my friend driving his following from behind. My friend managed to get to the airport on time and did not miss the flight. A very reasonable police isn't it?

Well... in my experience today, I was exiting on the Puchong LDP heading towards Old Kland Road. 500 meters ahead, I can see police doing blocks and with me not suspecting any wrongdoings that I had committed, I took the route. I was stopped. The police said I had cut in from a double line!!! I was thinking what double line, he said the double line that separated the overhead bridge to Puchong Jaya and the route I had taken towards Old Klang Road via Jalan Puchong.

Damn! I did not know that is a double line. Well, I had broken the law and not arguing with the police further, I handed him my ID & driving license. He returned my driving license and clipped my ID on his summon book and asked, "Encik, you nak kompaun ke, atau macam mana?"

I asked him back, "You nak macam mana?" He further replied, "Kalau bukak kompaun, kena bayar. Kalau tak nak macam mana?" He threw back the question to me as I already know his intention. I asked again, "You nak macam mana?" Then he said he will compound me. Although I know I might be RM300 poorer but this sums up what are the Malaysian Police Force are made of.

Some people claimed that we are a developed country, but still we have some 3rd world mentality. So, respect for police? A certainly NO, but respect to law? Yes, I am.


a said...

Salute u for daring to receive the summon ticket! Lots of people likes to complain this and that about the police, about how the police force are useless and corrupted. But when it comes to them to walk the talk, they just pay that dirty RM50 to keep the mouth shut.

Well, ain't those who give bribery just as dirty as those who receive the bribe?

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Very glad to read that you did not offer to bribe your way out of it. Two thumbs up, mate!