Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Between A Marriage & A Job

To working individual like me, a job is like a marriage. A good marriage will normally end up with a happily ever after ending, in other words you will be walking into office in a jovial mood without having the dreaded feeling of going to work. It is like you just cannot get enough seeing your wife. However there is also possibility that a marriage ends up in a divorce which is like in an employment point of view, you are not motivated, you felt dreaded, that is when you resign.

About more than 2 years back, I landed myself in a hot soup for being too vocal, blogging about my disappointment on certain individual at work. I apologized for that as the language that I used which I got to admit was a bit too much. People grows up, just like me, being vocal can be in many ways and I had never change a single bit of my personality.

The decision of leaving a company that I am affiliated for almost 8 years now was not an easy one. To me, I am proud to be a part of the company. The passion I had when I first joined as a fresh graduate til now on its product is still there. Every year I am being introduced to many new innovative, fascinating products in conferences I attended. The exposure I had, the culture that I nurtured, all these had molded me into a tough person that I think can brave through challenges ahead.

With many of the plus points, why I leave? Survival, job motivation & satisfaction. In fact, I left, rejoined and for the second time I decided to leave again. But when offers laid down on the table offering much lucrative package, the temptation is always there. I need to work with people with global mindset to get the motivation, not a superior who acted like a teacher in primary school. I had gained all the wisdom & knowledge during my university days, I need a troubleshooter and a leader who can enlighten me on new things. These are the words of my frank self which I do not think will be very nice to throw to someone more senior than I am. When I start to question why this and why that, that is when I have doubts on certain decision. Bad decisions do happen but if the leaders kept on making doubtful and bad decisions, that will be when the subordinates suffer. Decisions need to be made if business sense prevails, but what if it is not?

On empowerment & delegation, when roles & responsibilities are not clearly defined, that will be when staff will be demotivated. In a company, no one is indispensable, including me. And one transparency, I do not think this word is even in the dictionary for some seniors I worked with.

So to some of my closest buddies and the bosses that I truly respected, thanks for the persuasion. I think the marriage bond just need to be ended here. I want to part in a way where there will be no sour feelings towards any specific individual. Perhaps we will cross path in a very near future?

I guess I put my freedom of speech to good test, hope my remaining days will not be as hell. Robin Hood, where are you?

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