Monday, August 10, 2009

Life After LG

So this is my final month of employment in LG. Being associated with a company for almost 8 years now, finally, it's time to move on. Many had asked, where will I be? What company I am joining? What's my plan? Well, here you go, some of my plans, both confirmed and pending confirmation.

I will spent more time blogging @ MikeMmery and I will still continue to blog for LG Blog as long as my service is required. That means I will be part of the media once I left to be invited for all their events. Now this is confirmed!

And of late, I am dating someone out of the country, guess I will go and visit her for one more time before I proceed with my other assignments.

I am setting up a company on my own to do web development & web designing. I had also set up a separate company to manage on project biz focusing on electrical & electronics products.

I will also be in Hong Kong soon!!! I am also going to take up a job of designing & developing a corporate website there. I am currently looking for freelance designer to be part of this team. This client is based in Hong Kong with networks mainly in the Asia Pacific region. Will be there perhaps in the month of September, all depending on whether I can get a reasonable fair during that month considering it is also peak month as we celebrating the Raya. If everything is on track, I will be in Hong Kong for a bit, perhaps 2-3 months and celebrating both my Christmas & New Year there. Friends can still get my updates here, I assure you!

Now the plans that awaiting confirmation - during my few months in Hong Kong, I plan to visit Taiwan & China when I have the time, any friends there that willing to take me around???

And upon returning from Hong Kong, I might be joining a Thai company, got an offer of marketing position there and that position will only be available in 2010.

And if I have additional time, I want to improve my biking skill, improve my financial capability and do a bit of golfing.

Now I really cannot wait to my days of self employment :)

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