Sunday, August 23, 2009

Malaysia - What's Left?

Being the country where I was born & raised, I should be proud to be a Malaysian. But somehow it is the reversal, yes some might argue that we are far better of than country like Cambodia & Vietnam but why do we want to compare ourselves to a country worst than us?

If one day, our natural resources depleted, what's there left for his country? The people who administrate this country are so narrow minded and only tackling on petty issues, trying to bring one another down, playing the religious card.

From the latest WHO updates, more than 32000 in Europe were infected with the pandemic H1N1 with 53 deaths. With South East Asia recorded more than 13,000 cases and 106 deaths, our country Malaysia champion again with 68 deaths! That is more than the whole entire Europe is recording! Don't you think the Health Minister should be accountable for this? What's measure been done? Quarantine & closing schools, colleges & universities? If you would look at the state of our government hospital now, would you be willing to even step in the hospital?

It's good to leave the country again seriously though I am going to miss my friends & family here and not to mention the food here especially Nasi Lemak. Other than that, this country has nothing left for me.

Sad... sad...

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