Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yes, that's my English name and what many of my friends would call me. I do not have it registered on my identity card though but the name was indeed adapted at a very young age.

It was back in 1984 (guess you guys roughly know my age by now) when I was in the kindergarten. There was this one time when they had this talent-time for the kindergarten kids on state level. I represented my kindergarten back then and won the contest.

I won the contest impersonating Michael Jackson. I still can remember I performed twice, one for the preliminary round and another as the finalist. On the preliminary round, I performed 'Billie Jean' and my winning performance was 'Beat It'.

At that time, mom helped me a lot on the custom-made dressing and choreograph the dance moves. It was a good experience for me.

From there on, after the whole experience, kids in my kindergarten called me Michael and I adapted the name until now.

I am inspired to write on this post after watching the untold stories of Neverland and how people had mistakenly accused MJ all this while.

On a separate note, counting down 5 days to my last day of employment in my current company. I will be traveling to Thailand for a few days before joining my sister in Hong Kong.

Will decorate this site with more pictures of my traveling experience.

Good night for now!

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