Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bangkok Trip 2006

I was invited for a Bangkok trip by Universal Music on the 25th February till 27th February 2006. When I told people that I am not going with my girlfriend, everyone is like thinking that I am going there with some male friends to jolly and have some fun.

In fact, this is my first trip to Bangkok, normally for Thailand I will only go to Hatyai. Well overall the trip was really good. Bangkok gave me an impression of a very energetic city compare to KL. Actually I went there for concerts. 2 CONCERTS at one time, in my whole life, I only went to concert once and that was like 3 years back. This Bangkok concert was my 2nd.

First I went for RAIN's concert. I think most of the girls know him, for those who does not know him, he is now the biggest Korean singer in the world. He acted in the drama FULL HOUSE and his tickets for Tokyo concert were sold out in 30 SECONDS!!! The concert starts at 8pm but we got there like 6 something. Bought some merchandise and the crowd is crazy. Most of the girls really dress to kill and I can confidently say that out of 10 girls, at least 8 is very pretty. Saw some die hard fans with RAIN's shirt and come as far as from Korea. Crazy huh... overall concert hall was well set up, my ticket is worth of RM 400, so it is not cheap to watch concert in Thailand, though mine was complimentary. Opening act for concert was a Korean lady who sing the main theme for the drama FULL HOUSE, then followed by RAIN, will not elaborate further on the night but his dance moves and his teasing looks made the girls all crazy bout him. He is a great entertainer overall. Then on the following day, went for some quick shopping. Mostly bought stuff for my gf, dunno what to buy for myself though. Then went for some praying at the Four Face Buddha temple. First time there, so not sure about the proceedings, bought some flowers from stall outside the temple. Was told by a friend that I was conned lar by those people cos the flower is so super expensive but anyway it is for praying sake, I do not mind lar. Make a few fulfilable wish and hope it will comes true. Went back to hotel, tired and exhausted cos the weather in Bangkok is killing, hot and humid!!! Took a shower and get ready for my second concert.

Pick up for us from the hotel. Second concert is what I am looking for, it is 50 Cents & G Unit with opening act from Mike Shinoda and Fort Minor. Reached the Activ Square, venue for the concert. To cut it short, it is awesome, the concert can never be seen in Malaysia. Too many obscenities and too many vulgarities but I love it. Every now and then, 50 Cents will re-energise the crowd by saying " Put your mother f***ing hand in the air, I want to see your mother f***ing hand or else I will stop singing ". He is awesome!!! Experience of a lifetime.

Then in the airport manage to take a picture with Mike Shinoda, for those who do not know him, he is the main singer for Linkin Park. What a trip... enjoy most of it...


keeykeey said...

My brother crazy about him.

mingming said...

OMG!! Mike!!!!!!!!! i love him so much~~~
can i have 1 this photo??????