Monday, March 06, 2006

My Final Days In LG

Came in the morning today, got 2 boxes and start to pack my stuff... I realised that I got so much to pack!!! After finished packing, start to settle down on my sit and try to fully utilise my laptop for the very last time, checked my mail and start to draft a "goodbye & thank you" mail to all my lovely colleagues, business partners and friends... to my surprise, within minutes I received many well wishes reply from them and it is so touching that some mails got their personal touches.

Tomorrow (7/3) will be my last day at work. I will only have to work for half day and coincidencely I will need to attend a 2nd interview at a company which is not convenient for me to reveal at the moment. I will keep you guys updated in my blog when the time comes.

Now my feelings are mixed, happy, sad, everything comes at one time... hehehe... oh ya, my colleagues will be throwing a farewell party bash for me tomorrow, I believe it will be a super big party, venue @ TGIF Curve. Gonna enjoy to the end.

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