Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Goodbye LG

It is true, I had finally tendered my resignation on the 15th February 2006, a day after the Valentine's. It is unappropriate of me to comment negatively on this company but for all those who questioned my departure from LG after almost 5 years associated with it, well, I got a better offer and it is not easy to make a decision to move on especially after working with some of the great colleagues here and so used to the working culture here but like I said we cannot be enemy to MONEY, if there is an offer that is hard to resist, move on...

My last day at LG will be on the 7th March 2006 after deducting my annual leaves entitlement. It will be pretty soon and I will take a good rest before I decide on my future. There is a firm offer in which pay wise is good but still skeptical about the working condition and culture. I will be attending a second interview this coming Tuesday (7th March) and cross finger, hopefully I will get it.

Well, inside me, I will miss my colleagues and friends the most. This is the only thing that I will definitely 101% miss. And of course not to forget my ever loving Mr. Jung, I love you man, without you, I would have not know so much about TV. And my colleague who is currently under a lot of stress for taking over my pending jobs, I sincerely apologise for the burden but eventually I believe it will make him a better and greater fighter in life. I really hope he achieved his objectives and mission here and be a big man for TV.

For my colleagues and my working associates, my clients, my customers who is reading this, I apologise should I ever hurt your feelings during our business or personal transactions when I was with LG. I will keep all of you updated about my whereabout and who knows we will cross path again in the future.

Love you all.....

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keeykeey said...

U are right, we cannot be enemy of money!
All the best to you mike.