Saturday, February 09, 2008

10 Best Things About Mikemmery's CNY

Just reached KL after the long CNY break in Melaka (my hometown). Finishing compressing all the pictures and this is going to be a super duper long post with plenty to share about my happenings on the CNY.

Thanks to Chris for giving me a lift back home to Melaka on Wednesday, it is a very much needed break I had been looking forward to after a long hard days at work. The anticipation to meet up my sis who came back from Hong Kong, meeting up my other siblings for dinner and my mom's cooking which I miss a lot.

I am going to share about the best things about CNY for me...

1. When I open up the fridge... free flow of soft drinks, beers & stouts... kekeke...

2. The reunion dinner - where mommy will cook super delicious food and I have no valid reason to go on diet :P

Mom's Signature Curry Chicken

Assam Fish Head

Chap Choy

Pork Knuckles with Sea Cucumber

Rice Wine Chicken

Salted Vegetable Soup

Fatt Choy

Fried Bee Hoon

3. Plenty of junk food, cookies & bak kua - which till now it is no help to my cough, flu, heaty body... but... WHO CARES???

Bee Cheng Hiang & Wo Lai Yeh

4. You got the reason to gamble without nagging from anyone (mahjong, blackjack, Ngau, Rummy, etc) - damn I lost this year: hopefully gonna win later as I am going for mahjong session after this post :P

5. I got every reason to get new clothes to pamper myself. Before everyone thought I am filthy rich with the pictures below, something to clarify: I did not buy any shirt this year, all below were gifts from my sis & my uncle ;) THANK YOU!!!

Nautica Checked Shirt from Sis - HKD580 (RM290)

GAP Long Sleeves from Uncle - HKD600 (RM300)

Polo RL Long Sleeves from Uncle - HKD1,200 (RM600)

Polo RL Long Sleeves from Uncle - HKD1,200 (RM600)

The only thing I bought myself from FOS total RM38 :P

6. To meet up my hometown childhood friends - tcss sessions, snooker & futsal :)

7. To get wasted.

8. To be still receiving Ang Pows eventhough I am hitting 30 now.

9. To be around with my siblings... and lastly....

10. Knowing that I do not need to work & can sleep like a pig.

How about you guys???


tanalan2 said...

Bro..this year not a good year for horse to gamble leh........

mackerel tabby said...

lol i still get angpows too... hehe!

Seizhin said...

Looks like you enjoyed your holiday :)

Take care on your way back to work!

michelleg said...

happy cny to u too! =) looks like u really enjoyed cny.

mackerel tabby said...

nice food make me hungry~

Michael Song said...

alan... dont b over superstitious lar... gamble for fun, not for fortune mar...

jane... blush blush...

seizhin... holidays always good, im back 2 work indeed...

michelle... gr8 2 c u here... best in everything in NZ k...

jane... im hungry too now, thanks 4 reminding... darn!!!