Monday, February 04, 2008

Year of Rat

I believe many already gone for the week long break applying leaves and heading back to their respective hometown. Myself, I am still very much on work, finishing pending matters so that I can go for my CNY break in peace. It had been a freaking mixed day for me but overall it is a good one.

I am expecting many colorful events to happen this year, mostly I believe all will be positive stuff in this year of rat. My gut feeling is telling me something big is going to happen and I believe it will all be good make it individually myself or the nation with the general election approaching.

I am having a big laugh seeing the tagline in The Star "Bersih Is Rude" , so if clean is rude, dirty is polite ya? No wonder we got some front liners of BN practising free-for-all. Talking about politics, it is never-ending here, too smelly, it's good that some poli-TIKUS actually tackling the issues with a braveheart. My salute to all, I wish to be a poli-TIKUS someday :)

It will still be a full working day for me tomorrow and I shall be going back to my hometown in Melaka either tomorrow late night or early Wednesday morning. So any of you plan to drop by Melaka during this CNY, do buzz me, bug me, email me, I will bring you guys to paint the town red.

I would like to take the opportunity too to wish all my friends, loved ones & readers a very prosperous Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai. To those travelling back, safe journey home ya.

I shall be right back... lots of XOXO...


She's Jess said...

Happy advanced CNY

puvanan said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai & Xin Nian Kuai Le!

May this brand new start brings you endless prosperity, happiness, success and peace all year round.
And.. I hope for all your wishes to come true in the coming year!

May you have lots of fun celebrating and make sure you stay safe on roads

Seizhin said...

Gonh Xi Fa Chai Mike!

Have a save trip and wish you the best throughout the year!

praveen said...

I'm a rat here :p

Happy CNY

Michael Song said...

to all kind commenters... happy CNY and gong xi fa cai... may the year of rat brings everyone happiness & loves...