Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Girl

How was your Valentine's?

This year I exchanged gifts with someone I fond of, someone I attracted to. This year too, I bought my biggest Valentine's gift ever. Brought the gift for wrapping services in Borders, The Curve. They indeed have difficulties to get it done but thumbs up to both Hallmark staff there.

4 and 1/2 wrappers & 2 rolls of ribbons all together and I am done.

She got me something too.

We have yet to be an item as yet, I had confessed. Let's see...

Lastly, a lovely track from the 80s to all Mikemmery's readers.


Valentine Girl - New Kids On The Block

There's not a star in the sky
That could equal to the sparkle in your eyes
This card is only one way
To let you know just how i feel


Will you be my valentine girl
And i'll give you my heart
Be my valentine girl
And i won't let you go
No never

All of the flowers i've sent
Could never take the place
Of being there
Although we only just met
You're everything to me

Repeat Chorus

Be my, my valentine girl
I need you
I want you
I want you in my world
Valentine girl


tanalan2 said...

Waiting 4 yr good news mate

Michael Song said...

good news???