Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Will You Sleep With Edison???

With the news circulating, much hotter than our very own Dr. Chua, I recalled there was a time, a friend of mine who I can categorize in the "pretty" bunch mentioned that she will do anything if she ever has a chance to sleep with Edison Chen (陈冠希).

27th January 2008, approximately 8.30pm, the first photo of Chen & a girl resembling Gillian of Twins emerged on the internet. The rest would be history. Chen had just had his latest credit card advertisement pulled, his HKD10million/annum career is at high risk, with sponsors like Pepsi, Levi's, Samsung, EPS and Jacobs & Co. still in the wait and see situation. He also got his latest movie with Stephen Chow, Jump, pulled as a result of the scandal. Full stories here.

This reflected how brave of a ex-Health Minister we had with his confession with his personal friend, unlike Mr. Chen who denied at first with look like me, lick like me, steam like me but had since issued a media statement apologizing to the victims involved and pleading the public not to spread the photographs.

The Victims

1. Gillian Chung 鍾欣桐 (104 photos as of 9th February 2008)

Gillian Chung (left) of Twins. Always potraying pure innocent girl-next-door image. She made such a fuss during her concert in Malaysia on our security where peeping Tom managed to get a shot when she was changing clothes.

The recent scandal with Chen where she done the fellatio act on Chen, she had apologized to the public blaming to her silliness & naiveness and she had now grown up. I had a feeling that Twins will be disbanded soon as there is a better brighter future in Charlene. Good luck Ah Gil.

2. BoBo Chan 陳文媛 (116 photos as of 9th February 2008)

Out of so many victims that Chen screwed, I pity Bobo the most. She had left the showbiz industry in 2006 after meeting her investment director boyfriend Philip Kam (金紫耀) and had been preparing to marry into the high society. It was rumoured that now the marriage plan will be called off. No career, no rich husband, that's tragic.

3. Cecilia Cheung 張栢芝 (143 photos as of 9th February 2008)

Hong Kong "Britney", would not affected her much based on what reflected from her past life. But rumours saying Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) is upset and the marriage is in the rock. I believe Nicholas would want Lucas (their newborn baby) to have a normal and healthy growing up.

4. Rachel Ngan 顏穎思 (11 photos as of 9th February 2008)

5. Candice Chan 陳思慧 (48 photos as of 9th February 2008)

6. Mandy Chen 陳育嬬 (40 photos as of 9th February 2008)

7. Vincy Yeung 楊永晴 (3 photos as of 9th February 2008)

So girls, will you still dying to sleep with Edison?


zewt said...

he is a bastard but yet... many envy him....

lankapo said...

he is one lucky guy but a stupid moroon

Seizhin said...

Saw the news.

I find it quite amusing..
There are other negative feelings but I'd keep it to myself.

Michael Song said...

zewt... bastards always got lucky, dont they?

lankapo... lucky but dumb... good one!

seizhin... it is the hottest news around the globe now...

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

The world is getting crazy~
Since i came to UK, issue of privacy keep arising in Asia region. Bad bad...

Anonymous said...

i feel really sorry bout this news...and all people involved
i know how it feels..
i think edison chen had regreted very much...
well they all got lessons from it...
they should have thought bout all of this before they did it