Monday, September 29, 2008

New 2009 Honda City

The hire purchase interest rates have gone up, a lot of potential new car buyers will be very careful with their choice.

I blog hopped into Paul Tan's site and saw this all new Honda City which was launched in Thailand recently. I am all fascinated with the new look. All pictures courtesy of

The front now look a bit more ganas & macho than its previous model.

While the rear, it might look a bit Vios but at the same time do not forget about the new BMW 3series backside.

The new Honda City is powered by a sole 1.5 liter i-Vtec engine unlike the current City which is powered with either i-DSI or Vtec engine. It is sold in Thailand with the price between 524,000 to 694,000 Thai baht which is about RM52.4k to RM69.4k (it will not happen in Malaysia as we have blood sucking government).

The current City in Malaysia now is sold at RM79.8k for i-DSI and RM85.8k for Vtec model. The new City will be classified by type V, type S and type SV. I am not sure about the differences but I suspect it will have the type mechanism like Toyota Vios since the engine is basically the same. Perhaps the differences in type will be more on the interior & exterior of the car.

Check out the interior of the car. I think this is the most premium model as the seats are all black in color, when I go through the Honda Thailand site, I still see the specs with beige color seats. Pictures courtesy of again.

It comes with armrest. And look at the display on the dashboard below.

Bigger side pocket on the door, air botol pun boleh masuk.

And no more headache placing your umbrella. The new City smartly designed a storage at the bottom of the rear seat. Kinda canggih innit?

However, the new City is predicted to be launched early 2009 for Malaysia market. Hopefully by then, I will get promoted again and a significant increment in salary. I am always a Honda fan over Toyota and if the price is reasonable, this will definitely be my next targeted car.

Kuan Yin Ma, poh pi poh pi lim peh tarn tua lui, meh ni ai wua sin chia, ai wua Myvi khi City.


*Maegen.G* said...

yeah ... go buy mikey !!!! welcome to join ... hehehe .. btw .. current facelift version is much more prettier than the new version of 2009 .. :P and mine its all black for the interior design too ... kikikiiii ...

zewt said...

i am targeting the civic.

Michael Song said...

maegen... i saw the new city in Thailand... really cun leh... more cunner than the current wan...

zewt... i no money buy civic... can loan some???