Monday, November 24, 2008

Forgive Me

Ever since I am back from my trip, I seems to be facing depression. A lot had been done during my absence here. Shocking internal movement in the company I am working at. Works piling up like nobody's business. More rigid and strict protocol to abide. No more flexibility in business.

So much changes. So little time for me to cope. Wish I can spend more time here on my blog. I got dozens of photos taken in Hong Kong to upload. Tons of traveling tips to share with you guys. But I cannot seem to find time & motivation due to many other reasons (mostly work wise).

I managed to squeeze a bit of time to put up this post. And I will be attending an appointment with my customer at 830PM later. Life sucks here!

May God Bless this poor soul...

1 comment:

Bluetooth Headset said...

I'm pretty sure you'll cope with the stress you're having right now. That's how life goes i think, survival of the fittest. =)

have a great day!