Thursday, November 27, 2008


I do not smell like one but I am definitely feeling pretty shitty right now. By writing this piece, hopefully I will feel much better. At times, I am thinking - I can handle the corporate people, chalking million ringgit projects around Malaysia, whatever the hurdles & barriers, I will manage to pull myself through it.

I am thinking also - many times guys are regarded by the opposite sex that if they have money, they will think through their brain in between their legs. Many times we heard about girls got cheated, third party, et cetera. But look - I am a pure victim in love. So let's not be sexist and hurl accuses to only guys. To me, girls nowadays can be seriously scary. I met some really nice and I had bad experience with some too.

But I am glad, I walked out. I walked out before I indulge deeper and hurt further. Close friends who know about this relationship of mine, had persuaded me to hold on. I even had a conversation while I was in Hong Kong to hold on. I understand their good intention but my stubborness is the right thing to do after knowing or rather seeing what I fear most. Thanks to people who consoled me. Many times, my past relationship was her major concern. Now 2 months past since our complicated relationship status, I am very much single. Being together, there should not be any doubt on each other.

I am going to put my relationship priority aside from my life for a little while. I somehow rather accumulate phobia due to the unpleasant experience I had with this girl. It's scary.

Much better now that I vomitted out here. I was even warned by this girl before not to post anything about her in my blog. No worry, you will remain anonymous to many but congrats you found what you want in life, and glad that finally you are ready for some commitment. All the best to you and I shall get rid of my shitty feeling in me real fast.

Michael Song, YOU CAN DO IT!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you. You're one event stronger now.
"If someone hurts you, betrays you, or breaks your heart, forgive them for they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious to who you open you heart to."

Marcus said...

Dude, some chicks smell like strawberry lube and frustration. They make porn looks romantic and they make the Karma Sutra cry in a million different positions.
Cheer up, life goes on.