Monday, November 03, 2008

GUINNESS® Gastronomic Workshop

Back in office this morning, I received my very first birthday greeting card from the GUINNESS® team. Creatively crafted my name on the pint of GUINNESS® Draught. Thanks GUINNESS® team and last Friday I attended the exclusive GUINNESS® Gastronomic Workshop and here's the update.

Held in Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. I reached there sharp at 4.30PM and wandering around looking for familiar faces. As this is an event by invitation, I am lucky to bump into the owner of the joint I frequented, Sanook Dine|Lounge|Club, Ben.

Attending GUINNESS® event meaning we get to enjoy bottomless pints of GUINNESS® Draught. Meeting & mingling around with some bar owners and GAB staff, I had already finished about 3 full pints in less than 30 minutes time.

The GUINNESS® team had a bar counter set up in the ballroom itself and when the workshop finally started, everyone had their pint in hand while enjoying the workshop just like me.

The Gastronomic Workshop was conducted by the Chef in Black, Emmanuel Stroobant. Perhaps he is a familiar face on the Asian Food Channel in Astro. He is also famous for his GUINNESS® inspired signature dishes.

There are also a number of prominent bloggers who attended the workshop. The first blogger that I bumped into that evening was KY from Friendly and we chatted a bit too. And he can cook!

Ringo of Cheeserland was there too. She managed to put her broadsmile when my camera flashed at her. And Ringo cooks too!

And what I really wonder now is that KennySia can cook too!?? Uhh... I don't know, he seems like he is in a league of his own, perhaps of his celebrity status in the blogosphere. He was there with his gf, Samantha Poh. Definitely not the chirpy Kennysia that I know of.

Ok, enough about the bloggers. Now back to the main objective of this GUINNESS® Gastronomic workshop, the food tasting time... kekekeke

Tuna Tar Tar Taco with GUINNESS® - try imagine the taste - tuna with GUINNESS®

Main Course - Kakuni Style Braised Chicken with GUINNESS®, Fresh Herb Risotto and GUINNESS® Poached Oyster - the crispy chicken skin with GUINNESS® bittersweet taste with the yummy risotto rice and GUINNESS® oyster sauce. Damn nice can?

Finally the dessert, I need not elaborate more, The GUINNESS® ice-cream. I am not an ice cream fan but this is the best ice cream ever.

Just right after the food tasting sessions, we again adjourned for dinner with a lot a lot of GUINNESS® Draught. A lot as in really a lot. Great evening with Great food and the Greatness of GUINNESS®. Heavenly!!!

Check out the upcoming event this coming Wednesday, it is a gathering for all GUINNESS® Draught fans and RSVP from Facebook. Please also note that this event was created by fans of GUINNESS® and is not related to GAB. It is not a GAB event, so drinking damage at our own pocket :)

Join us now at Facebook if you are GUINNESS® Draught fan living in Malaysia. Join us here.


kennysia said...

Hey didn't realise you were there too Mike!

Yea, I totally suck at cooking. The master chef from The Apartment was the one doing all the work and all I did was... stir the risotto in a pot. :| I used to cook when I was living alone, but now that I'm back in Malaysia, it just seems so much less hassle to eat outside.

Sorry if I came across a lil dazed and anti-social that day. I went to Mandarin Oriental straight from the airport after finishing work so I definitely wasn't 100%. :\

Hope to see ya at future Guinness events!

Michael Song said...

aiyo brother kenny... u commented here already, i like wah lao eh... thanks for droppin by... no lar, u just looked different from other events that i bumped into u tat nite... anyway, let's catch up mate...

KY said...

hoiii, nice to meet you too! :D

3 pints in 30 mins is like, at least 3x faster than what I can manage.