Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hong Kong Continues - Tips

I am still compiling all the pictures taken in Disneyland and Ngong Ping 360. Allow me some time and I will share with you guys my experience.

Today I will like to share with you some important tips when you travel around HK. One most important card you must have is the Octopus Card. Just go to any MTR station, enquire within and purchase the card for HKD150 with HKD100 pre-loaded in it. HKD50 as deposit which will then be refunded if the card is return. The card is a must when travelling with MTR, public buses & taxi. It also works like a prepaid card where most of the chain outlets like 7-11 allow you to deduct the credit when you are doing the purchasing.

The MTR line is very convenient and my advice is not to take taxi in HK. It's killing. Even Hongkie who works here adviced the same. Always go for MTR or mini-buses, tram or the double-deck. Taxi is a no-no.

Other tips you might want to keep in mind is when taking the automatic escalator, please keep right if you are not walking thru the escalator. People in Hong Kong walks like super fast, even on the escalator too, so be considerate and keep right always.

Unlike many other countries we go, the power plug point in HK is the same as Malaysia so multi-adaptor is not needed here.

When travelling out, and you feel like buying bottled water, my advice - always bring your own bottle from the hotel or the place you stay because bottled water here is blardy expensive. If you really thirsty and in need of some liquid, go for Coke Zero or Sprite Zero, it's Zero calories & fat all together, just like water and the best part of it, it is priced the same as bottled water. And do not shop for drinks in 7-11, always head for the nearest supermarkets as you will get a better bargain. Even for beers and other alcoholic drinks. 7-11 only caters for those midnight cowboys.

And sometimes I heard a lot of complaints from friends that travelled to HK about the price of food here. Well, there are also good place to dine at affordable price. Do not expect Malaysian mamak price here but if you are on a tight budget, stay away from restaurants inside the shopping malls or hotels. Two highly recommended local food chainstores from myself to all are Coral De Cafe (Tai Kar Lok in Cantonese) & Tsui Wah restaurants. The former got really attractive package meal offer (main + soup + drinks) and the latter is much like char chan teng. And these are Chinese fast food outlets they called it. And about the origin of Kimgary & Wong Kok - these are solely creation of Malaysian - lousy so called Hongkie food. You can find none here in HK. And oh ya, some restaurants here in Hong Kong do offer discount up to 20% after their off peak period, let say around 9PM, so do check out those leaflets & posters on the restaurant.

And another tips - to visit museums in Hong Kong - choose Wednesday - because Wednesday they do not charge entrance fees. This only applicable to museums run by the government.

Hope the above help to those who plan to visit Hong Kong soon.


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