Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hong Kong Revisited - Thanks Ally & Jo

OK... sad & pathetic week aside, I revisit Hong Kong for the second time this month. This time around was for a business conference & seminar, The Infocomm Asia 2008. LG had a prominent booth this time around showcasing range of commercial LCD & Plasma panels & also the hotel interactive TV.

In between the working days I had, I managed to slot in some time to meet up some of my Malaysian friends who work in Hong Kong. Thanks to Ally & Josie for allocating their precious time to bring me around, had good food & plenty of pictures.

Moving around Hong Kong during November is a pleasure for its nice weather. Average of 16 degree Celcius, it's pretty cooling. Met up with Josie at the Causeway Bay exit C, went for great Shanghainese food and she brought me to Times Square. As Christmas is around the corner, most of the major malls in HKG are up with amazing decors. Pictures ahead.

Had a great 2 hours or so with Josie who bought me some really expensive food stuff in one of the most expensive supermarket in HKG. Thanks Josie for the time.

And after that afternoon, met up with Ally in Tsim Sha Tsui, another Malaysian blogger friend who is working in HKG. We met up with another group of Malaysians who are her colleagues & former colleagues. Went for traditional HKG food which I will post it in another post in near future. And after that we walked around the Harbour City. It has one of the best Christmas decor I had ever seen. The locals mentioned that Christmas is more happening than Chinese New Year there. If you happen to visit HKG this coming month, the Harbour City & Times Square is a must. Pretty pictures ahead.

Ally & Josie - thanks a million for the lovely time in Hong Kong.

I miss you girls & I miss Hong Kong...

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