Monday, December 22, 2008

December Welcoming January

I had great weekend last week. Went back to Melaka with 2 of my best buddies and we proceeded to Port Dickson the next day. It's always nice to have outing with your best mates but somehow last weekend something had been occupying my mind most of the time and when I believe I want to release my stress totally, I could not help but to think of it... It's my project.

The project is huge, multi-million project. I had lost 2 projects for the early 2nd half of this year. Two projects I followed up closely was hijacked in the last minute and this had somehow traumatised me and I only believe in myself but no others so for the project that I currently taking care of, I cannot afford to delegate to others because of the past experience. Today was the tender interview, lucky for me, everything went well. But the decision is not out as yet. I hope that the day will come where I can shout to my readers that I manage to grab the project. It will certainly be a milestone for me. Wish me luck peeps and I hope my hard works pay off.

It's 1030pm, office is becoming really chilly and quiet. Hungry while posting this. The coming 2 days will also be seriously busy for me. And tomorrow I will be attending a dinner in Solaris, for GUINNESS® Draught lovers out there, feel free to join us! Check it out here. And as for X'mas eve, I will be out of country again. And will be back on the 27th night and looking forward to a wedding dinner on the 28th in Kajang. A very hectic week for me indeed.

So in any event, any friends who called me on my mobile or MSN me which I had failed to reply or even find some time to speak to you guys, my apology ya. Hope that December will be gone soon and is very anticipated about January 2009.

My mood sounded like this now...

Baby, you're not lost ya!

New Year's eve... what's the plan???

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