Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Never Attack Kenny Sia

I am one of's readers. I first met Kenny last year at the Bloggers Buff event. Yes, we shook hand ONCE. And yes we bumped into each other on other several events but I shy away as I am just a small little fly compared to him. And I do not have his number either. Yes, I used to be one of those regulars in his cbox and met some really nice peeps there.

When you happen to know someone in person, yes you call him your friend, whether it is a close friend or hi-and-bye friend. We are more like a hi-and-bye friend. The last time we met was at the GUINNESS® Gastronomic Workshop back in late October 2008. That was also the first time I saw Samantha Poh, his ex-gf. Back then, I did not even know she's his gf and I did not know what was the hate sites or whatsoever opera playing amongst the Malaysian big bloggers. See, how ignorant am I???

Then I bumped into Kennysai and read one of Samantha Poh's latest postings and found out she broke up with Kenny. And of course like many other readers of Kennysia sure wonder what had happened and of course Kenny has not officially say anything in his blog about the breakup and the reason. Then the next question arise now, why am I so nosy about somebody's else personal business? Well... then why so many people including Kenny Sia himself tumpang glamor on Chua Soi Lek's sex scandal? Simply because Kenny is somebody. The same goes to Dr. Chua Soi Lek, he is somebody. Try and see if I slept with someone who will even give a damn care?

When you are indeed somebody, be prepared these sorts of things will happen. Whether it is good or not, take it like a man. It is not fair to take only the goods all the time. And in my previous posting, Kenny said I personally attack him. For what reason??? To gain more traffic??? What will those few hundreds uniques do to me??? I will still be the same old Michael Song innit?

Come on brother Kenny, perhaps you will think I tumpang glamor on this but frankly it is as simple as poking fun and my apology for making you the product of entertainment in my blog. There is certainly difference between personal attack & fun-poking. Just like during a conversation with a male friend, you said, "Fuck You!". It does not mean you really mean to fuck him innit? I am laughing while typing this, it's hilarious innit? Like the villain in The Dark Knight said, "Why so serious?"

Brother Kenny, just like you poking fun on Al-Rajhi Bank logo, what was on your mind back then???

Chill brother chill... take Dr. Chua for example. If you "holiao", no matter what people say, you will still "holiao". Don't merajuk, friend back?

Merry Christmas!!!

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ahmike said...

haha darn funny la all these. But, you have your point. Those famous people should be prepared for these stuffs. Aiyo haters are only few percents of their supporters la.. btw, I think kenny sia very ke sian la.. he must be strong la..