Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Meaning of Urgency for Dummies

I hardly post anything related to my work in my blog here. Very rarely indeed. But the attitude of some in the office really ticks me off. At my position as the Business Development Manager, I met corporate people from various industries and I do care of what I communicated to these people.

What triggered me to write this is the anger in me, the thought of some young cikus working attitude nowadays. When you blardy promised me something, you better make sure you do it by hook or by crook, no excuse & fast execution. I cannot afford to sit in the office for some people who is wasting my blardy time and blardy ignoring my instruction. If you think you fit to be on certain position in the company then you blardy lift up to the corporate expectation.

The moment we lag behind on certain decision making process, we will lose out to others in this competitive world. Please understand the word "URGENCY" for god sake.

I do hope these blardy young birds learn before it's too late.

For those who got things done for me today, thanks and I appreciate it. My day would be beautiful if not because of one person. Because of you, my project is delayed. Because of you, I am stressed for nothing.


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