Friday, December 12, 2008

Those College Years

Yesterday was a public holiday for Selangor in conjunction of the Sultan Selangor birthday. It had been a while having teh tarik till wee hours with my 2 bff. It's like walking down memory lane during the college days, we would talk about everything under the sun. From recession to my recent posting about Kenny.

Picture above was taken back in college, how I miss those days when I am so much slimmer, with earrings & tattoos. And the babe sitting beside me was my ex-gf which to date I do miss dearly. My 2 bff, brother Chong (with specs) & Rim (holding bag in the center).

Oh how I miss those college days. And there is this thing I realize about hanging around with guy friends, it is so hard to get angry & temperamental. While with gf, small little things, I exploded unnecessarily at times. With guy friends, no matter how our brother tease or irritate us, we still can keep cool. Funny innit?

Looking forward to an all-guys outing this weekend. Life ain't that bad being a single after all.


justinkc said...

man! i miss my college life! and i miss all the friends around me....i wish i do still keep a photo back my times but too bad i seldom take pictures with my friends. i wish can turn back times. I prefer college life instead of working life!

***cinDee*** said...

i oso miss my uni life. syokness overload